Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The chiropractor worked wonderfully. He adjusted my back and did some weird thing to the ligament that stretches from my sacrum to my hip because it was over-firing. That's the area that was bothering me most.
So, that Saturday I was visiting my mom and had an opportunity to run outdoors. I ran 10mi and it felt great. My main motivation being the breakfast pizza from Sacramento's Buffalo Pizza that I would indulge in later than morning! My hip was stiff that day, but by Sunday, I was all good.
This last Saturday I ran 9mi on the treadmill and had no hip pain at all. Though my abs/round ligaments were sore the rest of the day. To be expected.
I had my anatomy scan and everything looked wonderful. I even got a 3d pic of baby's face and s/he looks like my daughter. Can't wait to meet Baby B!
My race is in a week and a half. Unfortunately, my dear husband misunderstood the return/exchange policy for NikeID shoes so I will not be getting my Christmas present shoes before the event. So I headed over to Finish Line and got new inserts for my good ole New Balances.
H&M being next door, of course I had to go in. And of course they had cute bikini's, cheaper than what they have at Target. I got one. I had no interest in putting on a bathing suit last pregnancy. I'm excited to keep exercising, growing a mean, lean baby and feeling sexy all the while!

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