Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Pain!

I was having a little hip pain toward the end of my long run a few weeks ago. But then last week, after 11mi, it really hurt. And didn't feel better for two days. Any time I put weight on my left heel, I feared my hip would come out of it's socket. And then it was worse yesterday after a shorter, 10mi run.
Of course, I'm not allowed to so much as wince after a run without my husband, the former track athlete being full of advice. I can't take any ibuprofen. I soaked in a bath. Iced it. Still hurts. Now he wants me to see a doctor. I know I should, but, I don't wanna! What if I'm told to stop running! It's not as if running is the only way I can work out and stay fit through this pregnancy, but I do feel very attached to it. The goal has proved to be much more motivation than I expected. The hesitation I had to really commit to an event, only to not be able to run in it, would really suck. But, I don't want to end up causing myself to be in horrible pain the remaining 19wks after the event. Or beyond!
So, I told my midwife, and asked for a referral to a physical therapist or chiropractor. She suggested a chiropractor first.
And I read a little online and my symptoms sound like simple overuse. Which is probably exacerbated by the hormone-induced loosening of my joints. So I'm trying to stretch it, ice it, and rest. And do a Pilates workout that seems to strengthen the surrounding glute/hip flexor muscles and relieve the pain.
My appointment with the chiropractor isn't until Monday. So my plan is to run on Sunday, but if it starts to hurt, I'll quit and move to the elliptical for the remainder of my extrapolated time.
In lighter news, my almost 3yo is really excited to go to our anatomy scan ultrasound in 2.5wks and see inside my belly!

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