Tuesday, March 23, 2010

New Goals!

Now that I've completed the half, I've reevaluated my goals. I want to continue to focus on proper nutrition so that I can make the most of the inevitable weight gain and hopefully keep it to 1lb/wk. I took measurements of hips and thighs and I will endeavor to keep them where they are for the duration of this pregnancy. I'm secretly hoping that my thighs might even shrink from more frequent strength training, since I hardly did any the last several weeks (long runs kind of sucked when my glutes and legs were sore from lunges and squats). But, I'll settle for just firmer so that I can strut in my bikini, belly all out!
So to that end, I found a workout OnDemand, Bootylicious Buns 2. There was the jumps that obviously had to be modified (i just popped up on my tip toes rather than actually jumping). But then I was surprised that an inverted kick hurt! You start in side plank position and kick the top leg out. If my ligaments could shout expletives, they surely would've. So I just stayed on the floor rather than getting in the plank position. I felt the burn, so whatever!
Also yesterday I took Emberly to Sees (read: she picked out a piece of candy and I picked out 5 or 6 LOL), and this lady said she needed to get out of there. Because I'm pregnant and I look better than her. I took it as a compliment, as she probably meant it, but then I was thinking, well, what the hell, am I supposed to look fat and frumpy!? I'm glad to be kicking the stereotypes of what pregnancy has to be in the butt!

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