Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Okay, this is kinda hard

Even though it feels good to get out and be active, giving birth and taking a 2wk break from exercise to heal really does mean I'm starting over. I expected it, but at the same time I'm disappointed. It was easier to run 38wks pregnant than it is now! I keep getting a cramp in my neck and feeling like I can't get my breathing under control. I think the constriction of the double bra might be a factor, but without that, I can't run at all. I haven't done any lunges and squats because the thought of being exhausted AND sore while dealing with a newborn and a 3yo all day just makes me want pull out my hair! Soon though.
My tummy has continued to pull in pretty well, even though I haven't lost any more weight. It's still pretty mushy under my navel. Patience.


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