Tuesday, August 24, 2010

5 weeks postpartum

Cravings for sweet junk are irresistible. As the empty Nutella jars and disappointed look on my daughter's face when she asks for a cookie and I have to tell her the batch I made yesterday is GONE, can attest to. Can I blame breastfeeding? Maybe. Exhaustion? Probably. Weak self-control? Definitely.
Most people say I should give myself a break, that I just had a baby. True, and maybe my expectations for bounce-back were a little over-ambitious. But I can't help but be upset with myself for slacking on the parts that should have been easiest, like not eating sugar laden junk all day long.
Exercise is going well though. I'm up to 3.5mi on my runs. And on days where the kiddos manage to wake up before me, I throw the baby in my sling and take a brisk walk instead. Which, when you keep your abs engaged and clench your butt-cheeks, ends up feeling like a decent workout!
While it doesn't look like I'll be back to pre-pregnancy weight by 6wks, I am on my way. And I'm healthy. And I have beautiful children. So, I have to just chill out.



  1. saw you on baby center.... you are so ahead of me in the working out thing... good luck and congrats

  2. Dude, with that muscle you have, you may not reach pre-pregnancy WEIGHT, but I think you are more FIT! You are looking awesome!!

  3. Thanks Jami! I agree that I'm definitely at least as fit as I was when I got pregnant!