Wednesday, August 4, 2010

First Run

I was enjoying myself, just sitting on my money-maker, nursing away my baby weight. And I have lost 17 of 26lbs doing nothing else. But over the weekend I started to feel an itch. I wanted to run. Insane, right?!
I talked with my midwife at our appointment yesterday and got the okay to get back to exercise! And then my son slept for a nearly 5hr stretch last night, so it was as if the stars were telling me I better get up and run. I did get up. Pulled two sports bras on over the milk jugs and stepped out into the 6am heat. I did intervals of speed walking and running for 1.5mi. It felt pretty good. I'm having a little lower back pain, but I figure that's from my abdominals not quite doing the work they should yet. I'll do some more stretching and some pelvic tilts and hopefully tomorrow will be even better!
Now, if I could just lay off the chocolate cherry oatmeal cookies, I'm sure that I'll finish off the baby weight and feel fantastic in no time!

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