Tuesday, August 31, 2010

In conclusion...

Six weeks postpartum today. 8lbs from pre-pregnancy. My son is up 3.5lbs from birth.
I fit into all my clothes (which isn't saying much since I wore my regular clothes my entire pregnancy...), the weight is mostly muffin top and boobs, and just a little extra junk in the trunk. I somehow found that place where I'm able to resist being a glutton for sweets and am eating properly again, so I've stopped playing with the same 2lbs and am a pound under what I was 2wks postpartum. I hope to have lost the remaining 8 in the next 6wks, and then another 4-9lbs by the end of the year (to reach my goal of being 135-140). But really, I want to fit into some of my favorite items again, so if I can do that before reaching goal weight, then whatever!
I've done some interval training and that was fun to mix it up and got me a little sore. As much as I like running in the cool morning air, I actually miss the gym and the equipment. Or maybe it's more of missing the "me" time and not worrying about getting back. I worry about Bauer waking up and being hungry while I'm out now.
Despite not hitting my postpartum goals as quickly as I aspired, I'm really glad I maintained my fitness throughout my pregnancy. I felt fantastic in all facets; physically, emotionally, self-esteem. My birth experience was awesome. And I am way ahead of where I was 6wks postpartum after my daughter.



  1. hey girl! i loved your comemnt on my blog today and had to come say hi! ok so you look beyond amazing. i'm no joking. 6 weeks after my son i was 30 pounds over pre-preggo and hating life. it took me 5 months to lose it all. even now (17 months post) my skin is so beyond what it used to look like. you're soooo blessed! have you ever been to the site "the shape of a mother?" it's amazing. ok so this is getting long. sorry! thanks again! :) YOURS, MINE AND OURS

  2. I can't believe that is a 6-weeks-after-baby body I am looking at up there! You look amazing!

  3. OMG first congrats!! Second.....you look great!!! I am not 6 months postpardum with my 2nd baby!!! Boy it is hard to shed the weight! Cant eat cupcakes everyday anymore :(

    Good luck and lovely post!!!

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  4. Wow you look amazing! Congrats on all your hard work!


  5. You're looking great! Way to go and congratulations. For me the abs were hardest to get back, but totally doable. You look like youve gotten it done!
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