Thursday, April 15, 2010


I've been hanging on to several large pairs of jeans in anticipation of needing them again while pregnant (just as I've been saving several pairs of 26s in anticipation of needing them when I get a tapeworm LOL). I went through them earlier this week and they're not just ill fitting, they won't even stay on. But it makes sense. I haven't even reached the weight I was at my first appt at 9wks in my pregnancy with Emberly. So I added them to my Goodwill donation pile, because with less than 14wks left, if I keep exercising and eating well, I'll be hard pressed to gain the 30lbs it would take for those pants to fit!
It felt really good for those pants to not even being close to fitting! Victories. Small victories.
And tracking my food is going well! I'm trying to pay closer attention to the amount of sugar that's added to foods that I wouldn't normally suspect. Some days I'm surprised at how much food I can eat and still come in under 2400 calories. It's all about making healthier choices. Which, for me, is really all about not having the bad choices in the house!

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