Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Apparel Awareness

Around 22wks I discovered that even my longest workout tanks wanted to ride up to my new "waist" under my boobs. I'm constantly tugging at the hem and it's... annoying. Since I didn't try to workout last time, I naively expected my current wardrobe to get me through the whole thing. I scored some empire waist tops at the Champion outlet for $11 after Christmas and while those are plenty wide, my belly still peeks out of the bottom.
I thought I'd go ahead and list some links for places where I've found good looking maternity athletic apparel, for those that have budgeted for such and expense (it's not cheap to cover a baby belly)
http://www.fitmaternity.com (this is also where I picked up my support belt, which I wore during my half marathon, and has helped keep me still running at 25 weeks).
http://www.runningskirts.com/maternity-skirts.html these seemed really cool, but the price tag, not so much

Nike and Athleta also have tunic length tops with some spandex which should work over a belly, but again, not cheaply. And people that know me, know I'm a budget girl.
So, since our budget priority is a decent maternity leave, I'm really doubting that I'll be springing for any of the lovely options I listed and I'll be working out in my sports bra when the last of my longer tops just refuse to stay down:
I ran 3mi like this today, and I admit, I felt weird and like people were staring at me at first, but I told myself, "you've walked down runways in underwear and swimsuits, get over it!" I didn't even remember until afterward, that my best friend and I got naked on Baker Beach more times than I can count every summer when I lived in California. So, stare! LOL


  1. You're looking GREAT! I am determined to get back into shape after this baby. No more laziness for me!

  2. Thank you! I just now saw this comment... if there's a way to get notification, I haven't figured it out yet LOL