Sunday, January 24, 2010

This time will be different!

In my pregnancy with my daughter, I was very focused on getting the birth experience I wanted. I was dedicated and the result was a great home birth. So this pregnancy, I feel very "been there, done that," so on what should I focus? Being fit! I had quickly gained 20lbs before even conceiving Emberly because I was in love, ate out all the time and quit my daily gym regimen. Then I moved to another state, knew nobody and essentially sat on my butt I made sad attempts to walk and do floor work occasionally, but I was soon a water-retaining swollen version of my former self. I gained 41lbs, which actually isn't terrible, if not for the 20lbs I'd gained before.
This time I'm starting out about 5lbs lighter and with a plan!


  1. I am really inspired by your journey. I am at a healthy weight now (12 weeks) but not very active. I know my sister was more active with her second pregnancy and I should do the same with my first one and learn from her mistakes...I just need to DO it! Hopefully you will help motivate me! :)

  2. Thank you Kelsey! You can do it. And feel free to ask me anything, I love vicarious pregnancy LOL ;)